Flower Nose Rocks w/ The Cartel
Flower Nose Rocks w/ The Cartel
Flower Nose Rocks w/ The Cartel

Flower Nose Rocks w/ The Cartel

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Limited Edition 1/52

For the love of the Canes and high-demand for game day tees, we partnered with our favorite Cane gear brand, Canes Cartel.  Ray Lewis wore #52 at the U and later carried the number to his hall-of-fame career in the NFL. Showing love to the school that made him who he is, the availability of this tee was made in his honor as one of the greatest of all-time to play at UM.

The #26 honors Sean Taylor, the biggest legend to ever play the game on their field. I couldn’t design this shirt without incorporating ST's jersey number in it!

Flower Nose paid Canes Cartel a visit one Saturday and knew he had to rock with them! He decided to throw on the notorious mask and hammer so he can get a hold of the infamous opponent's clock they smash prior to every game.

On game days, Flower Nose makes friends with his own kind and those that represent the Cartel.

”Bottle Boy” from #VGAWorld is a born joker that mixes his priorities between, partying, success and growth.

The CC Goat AKA "Marbles" is the Cartel's mascot and represents the only marbles any of the members have left (it gets a little crazy around here on game days).

The infamous megaphone is a CC staple that allows members to make important or humorous announcements, everyone has a voice in the Cartel!

The clock character “Hammertime” represents the city of Miami by always showing what time it is (3:05).

It's a Canes thing, U might just be starting to understand...